Business Methods & Financial Services

Given the competitive business environment in which today's companies operate, it is imperative for key decision makers to have a thorough understanding and an accurate assessment of all the intellectual property assets involved in their business transactions.  It is that comprehensive understanding and adepth evaluation of intellectual property assets that often justify the overall business expenditure, investment; and the decision to licence or transfer.  Regardless of the nature of the business transaction, intellectual property assets are the intrinsic value and can also be the inherent risk of many business deals.  Our attorneys have the legal and technical experience to accurately and expeditiously identify, assess and communicate those risks to allow our clients to make sound knowledgeable business decisions.

Business Methods

Our attorneys regularly advise clients of business methods within their respective sectors and the overall impact that those methods have in a global economy. Working with a wide variety of businesses, we counsel clients on matters including protective strategies for start-up companies and the development of technologies, non-disclosure agreements, third party infringement evaluations and licensing agreements.

Financial Services

As financial services companies migrate their business to technology platforms their continues to be new development areas for ip protections.  We regularly work with financial services companies to protect patents, copyrights and trade secrets and strengthen data privacy protections.

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