OuttenIP’s litigators handle all aspects of litigation with precision and undeterred resolution to advancing our client’s interests until attaining our desired result of legal victory.  Our attorneys regularly litigate at trials, appellate proceedings before local and regional courts with respect to diverse civil and commercial matters.    We have experience representing a broad spectrum of industries both on the local and international scale.  We recognize that effective handling of litigation matters requires an acute understanding of our client’s business, its needs and of industry specific information and technologies. 

IP Litigation Services in The Bahamas

Our specialisms include litigation of disputes as they relate to patents, trade marks, trade secrets, unfair competition, internet domain name disputes and counterfeiting.

IP Litigation Approach

We work closely with our clients, guiding them through all aspects of the litigation process.  So whether we are commencing proceedings, at discovery or appearing before the appellate courts, we employ the latest technology and case management techniques in order to provide efficient litigation service.  Our objective is to deliver legal excellence, while achieving maximum benefits with minimum costs to our clients.