If you stand out, then you'll fit in.

OuttenIP’s unique corporate culture is a product of the diverse background of its creative attorneys and management and support staff. Our culture is unique in that we’re anything but a traditional law firm.  We are driven by our individual passions for creativity and the law.  We are deeply involved in all aspects of creativity and cutting edge methods as they relate to the arts, business, law, commerce and trade.  We’re driven by our commitment to the innovative application of legal principles to fit the needs of our clients.  Therefore, we   readily embrace the ‘out of the box’, unconventional approach to legal problem solving.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and we seek to employ talented, motivated and passionate individuals.  We pride ourselves on the capabilities and professionalism of our attorney, as well as the dedication and efficiency of our support staff.  We operate as a team where each and every person plays an integral role in serving the needs of our clients. 

Central to our corporate image are four (4) core values which guide our attorneys, our staff and our collective behavior; and they are:

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Professionalism
  • Legal Excellence

Our management structure includes creating opportunities for each member of staff to have an active share in exciting and challenging work.  If you have excellent academics and like the challenges of a fast, paced and creative law firm, we would love to hear from you.

Rewards and Recognition

Core to the professional development of all team members is the need for competitive remuneration packages which are commensurate the qualifications and experience of our members.   We pride ourselves at giving recognition and rewards when duly earned.

Health and Well-being

The firm’s commitment to providing a healthy and safe workplace is an essential goal when it comes to preserving a healthy and happy working environment.  We encourage a healthy work life balance and provide a working environment which is conducive to the attainment of this objective.

Our staff enjoys opportunities for professional growth in a supportive and inclusive workplace as well as competitive earnings and other benefits. 

Persons interested in becoming a part of our team should submit their résumés along with  three (3)  professional references, by email to