Media, Entertainment, Gaming & Sport

When it comes to stellar legal representation relating to matters involving the entertainment industries, OuttenIP's Media, Entertainment, Gaming and Sport ("MEGS") practice is one to watch.  We are niche practice of intellectual property lawyers and our attorneys understand these creative industries and the sensitivities behind these business operations. Our clients benefit from our creative, customized approach to solving the legal issues relative to media, sport, gaming and entertainment industries.

We advise our media, entertainment, gaming and sport clients on issues related to  production and acquisition rights, exploitation of media rights, staging and exploitation of live sports and other events, intellectual property protection and enforcement, regulatory and administrative issues; and dispute resolution.

Our clients include film studios and producers, distributors, broadcasters, promoters, advertisers, franchise owners, international and national governing bodies and agencies, event promoters, sponsors, investors, banks and other leading corporations and individuals.

Please view our respective brand management areas to see how we can assist you with the development, protection or expansion of the media, entertainment, gaming or sports needs of your organization, today.