Brand Management


Paramount to the selection of an effective brand image is the recognition of how that brand will translate into competitiveness, value and an enhanced reputation in the market.  Fully aware of the importance of that correlation, our attorneys have developed the expertise of identifying cogent brands and guiding our clients to optimal brand development initiatives.  We strategically assist our clients in every aspect of brand implementation and deliver exceptional brand protection strategies ranging from logo selection and marketing to the implementation of the most cost effective brand management strategies available.  

Our established, fully integrated brand management practice provides clients with customized solutions to all aspects of branding.   As an intellectual property law firm, our expertise extends beyond intellectual property registrations and enables our clients to obtain tailored advice on all aspects of their brand strategies.  We understand the technology behind our clients’ brand and this allows us to develop and execute strategies that return strong business value.    Our enforcement experience is adept and we utilize an armor of strategies to vehemently defend our clients’ brand image.  When litigation becomes an essential part of effectively managing their brands and resolving disputes, our clients regularly entrust us to implement and execute wining legal arguments on their behalf.    

Our Attorneys have experience with local and international markets and industry sectors such as retail, and leisure hospitality, financial services, media and technology, to provide sound, legal, commercial and brand management advice.  It is with this perspective that we tailored to meet the needs of our individual client objectives.

Our Brand Management Practice Includes