Internet & E-commerce


Although there are a plethora of strategic uses of the internet which has significantly contributed to unifying social and business environments around the globe; these uses also presents new legal issues and challenges as they relate to advertising, data interchange, e-commerce, intellectual property and online privacy.

Our internet and commerce group advise clients on everyday business issues as they relate to internet law and e-commerce.  We regularly advise on e-retail business services and matters relating to mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management, internet marketing, online transactions processing, electronic data interchange (EDI) and automated data collections systems.

We represent leading companies and service providers doing business over the internet.  Our clients include broadcast, cable and telecom companies who regularly adapt to emerging technologies, launch Internet web pages and operate in an ever-changing arena of internet and cyber space law.


 We understand internet law and the risks of internet business and regularly advise our clients as to their potential liability regarding unanticipated misuses of their network resources, online hacking, computer trespass and online defamation.

Because our core practice is intellectual property, our experts’ focus is on the preservation and enhancement of our clients’ online IP portfolio.

E-commerce Services in The Bahamas

Our E-commerce services include:

  • Business and partnering agreements
  • User agreements and terms of service
  • Software licenses
  • Liability of computer related communications
  • Practices with respect to linking and copyrighting material, licensed audio and video content
  • Domestic and international matters affecting privacy, content issues and intellectual property rights
  • Privacy & Security Online Advertisements