Art, Artefacts & Cultural Assets


Our Art, Artefacts and Cultural Assets (AACA) Practice provides sophisticated legal services on various aspects of art law.  We advise our clients on all aspects of structured transactions affecting art and auction markets, local and foreign museums; and other cultural institutions.  Our attorneys offer a unique perspective on the legal and business issues that impact the arts.  Our experience with art business dealers, non-profit institutions, foundations, private and corporate collectors gives us a unique perspective on commercial business issues emerging out of the art world.

We recognize that integral to every art transaction are unique, ‘art specific’ legal issues which may start with the need for basic copyright protection, but span various legal disciplines including trust and estates and jurisdictional matters.  

Whether our client is the avant-garde artist, or of the for profit sectors, who actively seeks protection of their intellectual property rights; our AACA practice is expertly positioned to assist them with their individual endeavors.

Our AACA Practice Services include:

  • Advising Artists, Collectors, Art Private Foundations, Executors and Trustees for collections on legal and practical issues pertinent to acquiring and safeguarding art and antiques
  • Contractual and Copyright Agreements
  • Negotiating Complex Agreements for the Donation of Large Collections
  • Safeguard Copyright in Autonomous works, “works for hire” or commissioned works and
  • Assisting with Confiscation of Stolen Artworks