Proprietary Information & Trade Secrets


The intellectual property assets of your company has been described as the ‘soul’ of your business and how evident that analogy becomes when you assess the value of a company’s trade secrets.  Intellectual property assets are the lifeline of any business and that fact alone makes them worthy of vehement protection. 

Trade Secrets are the core of a business and are essential to your company's success. They are invaluable assets that provide essential competitive advantages in the market.  With the increased competition in a technological, global economy, the need to protect trade secrets and other proprietary information is an absolute must for any business wishing to sustain its share of the global marketplace.   Protecting confidential and proprietary business information are matters that concern us most. OuttenIP’s Brand Management practice specialize in handing trade secrets, unfair competition in highly competitive industries such as life sciences and financial services.   Our clients range from the unsophisticated start-ups to well established publicly traded companies.

We offer an array of services specific to protection of trade secrets, proprietary information, improper disclosure and we assist our clients to develop appropriate safeguards and strategies to protect confidential information.   

Cognizant of the need for quick response, our attorneys can aggressively obtain interim relief when necessary.  Our litigation practice forges the necessary goal of client asset protection to prevent misappropriation of client confidential information or inadvertent disclosure.

Our Proprietary Information & Trade Secrets Practice is supported by attorneys with stellar experience who work to identify legal issues and provide significant ‘know how’ when it comes to protecting our client’s ideas, processes and procedures. Our attorneys can assist you in developing sound legal business measures which are specific to your industry.

Our Specialism include:

  • Employment & Separation Agreements
  • Proprietary information, confidentiality and non-disclosure Agreements.
  • Non-compete, document retention polices
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Third Party Transactions Agreements.
  • Enforcement Procedures

Should the need for litigation arise, our attorneys are equipped with the expertise necessary to successfully defend and fully protect and preserve your company’s competitive advantage.

To find out more as to how we can assist your company to protect its proprietary information or enhance its information system, trade secrets, contact one of our attorneys today.