Designs & Trade Dress


It’s not by design but it’s a fact that interpreting design legislation can be a complex task for designers; and when it comes to protecting design rights, that’s a risk we advocate that they ought not to assume on their own.  For matters related to the protection of mass produced works or multiple copies of your product, you should rely on OuttenIP’s Design Attorneys to provide you with accurate, seamless guidance and advice and provide you with viable, cost effective options to protect your industrial designs. 

We recognize that the nature, degree and extent of design protection vary from product to product and provide expert, practical advice and know how in obtaining various levels of strategic design protection so as to provide effective levels of protection. 

Our OuttenIP Design Attorneys have expertise in all facets of design protection and utilize an arsenal of innovative design protection strategies to ensure that your design is comprehensively protected from design registration through to the manufacturing and distribution stage.

Our Legal Design Services span the following areas:

  • Architecture
  • Digital Media
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Jewelry Design
  • Textile Design 


As consumers continue to place greater emphasis on the appearance, look and feel of the products they purchase, the protection of that product’s design too, has become as important and the provision of the good itself, in the minds of the average, savvy consumer. 

Effective trade dress, much like a distinctive trade mark provides brand owners with a competitive edge in enhancing the overall brand image and appearance of its products,  influencing consumer behavior, and establishing dominance in the marketplace and distinguishing its brand image from those or other competitors.

Our Attorneys have sound knowledge and practical experience in matters relating to protecting designs relative to trade dress including trade dress registration, defending trade dress claims and prosecuting trade dress infringing acts.

When it comes to effective representation, our attorneys are experienced in trade dress litigation.

Our Alternative Dispute Resolution practice also effectively resolves disputes to ensure that our clients receive the best and most cost effective representation possible.

Labels & Logos

A product’s label and logo are often the first things that a consumer scrutinizes when examining a new product for the first time or searching for a new product within a trusted brand. 

These indicators of your product’s origin are crucial facets when it comes to establishing an effective mode of communication with your consumer and building trust and confidence in your product.  We regularly advise our clients on the most comprehensive methods and cost effective means of obtaining protections for their labels and logos.  With our extensive knowledge of the intellectual property protections, we implement customized strategies to help our clients navigate the various regulatory requirements specific to brand recognition and registration throughout the globe.