IP Due Diligence

IP Due Diligence

Intellectual property assets have become one of the most important assets a business owns.  That degree of importance can become critical when a company seeks to value its assets, in anticipation of a major licensing deal or when it needs to ensure that no other party is infringing on its IP rights.  Likewise, an assessment may be pertinent to be assured that in conducting your business, you are not infringing on a third party’s property rights. 

Our IP Due Diligence Team will assess and evaluate your crucial business assets.  From identification to infringement, we will assure you adequately capture all the intellectual property assets you generate and understand the nature, scope and extent in which they can be commercialized.

We understand that sound IP management involves implementation of a structured and systematic approach to IP Due Diligence.  We readily work with intellectual property due diligence legal issues in the Bahamas and globally. Whether you are an asset owner, licensee or vendor, our attorneys will expertly provide you with the sound, knowledgeable, advice necessary so as to give you the assurance necessary for leveraging the value of your IP asset but also to be assured that your prospective transactions will run smoothly.

Our IP Due Diligence Services Include:

  • IP Assessments for Private Equity Entities & Venture Capital Investors
  • IP Asset Assessments
  • IP Audits