As the ease of accessing crucial business information in today’s digital environment has increased, so too has importance of implementing secure provisions to safeguard valuable business ideas and technological methods; and specifically as they relate to copyright protections.  With the click of a mouse, the intellectual property rights as it relates to your company’s website, business assets, designs, literary works, photography, music and film can be infringed at best, and significantly devalued, in the worst case scenarios.  Copyright issues impact a substantial and ever increasing component of today’s business, national and global economics.   

Our attorneys understand, not only our clients’ intellectual property needs but the very business environment in which they operate.  We combine our depth of knowledge in copyright law with that of our diverse industry acumen so as to provide sound copyright counsel, recommend customized viable options; and structure a comprehensive approach to protecting your business information, ideas, creations and materials regardless of its medium.  Our attorneys have represented authors, musicians, performing arts companies, software companies and various corporations regarding copyright issues.   

We regularly advise clients on copyright related issues including but not limited to contractual matters relating to copyright registration, licensing and protections and providing infringement advice.  Our Attorneys can negotiate, draft and advise on all types of copyright agreements including confidentiality agreements works for hire licenses and settlement agreements. 

We expertly counsel on structuring copyright protections specific to the following industries:-

  • Authorship and Literature Literacy
  • Architectural works and designs
  • Arts (Visual)
  • Design
  • Film
  • Music
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Technology and Computer Software

Our objective is to protect copyright ownership interests for creative stakeholders as well as those who acquire such rights, to ultimately furthering investment interests and achieving our client’s business objectives.