Franchising & Distribution


Effective franchising models, like so many other commercial ventures, require a considerable investment of time, skill and capital before the franchisor can reap the desired return and accompanying cash flows.  We expertly work to navigate our clients through some of the less than obvious pitfalls of franchising, and with the objective of having you attain your ultimate goals on pace and on time. 

Whether we are acting for the franchisor or franchisee, we endeavor to structure franchising agreements that yield optimal benefits to either party. In order to harness our clients’ desired results, our attorneys recognize the intellectual property rights of the franchisor must be vehemently protected and that in doing so, a delicate balance between the needs of the franchisor and those of the franchisee should be attained.

Franchisees seek the advantage of owning a successful brand, placing reliance on the assisted training and development of the franchisor, and seeking to leverage the franchisor’s know how; all with a view to attaining a faster return on their investment.

Franchisors often seek sector, regional and international expansion, exclusive partnerships for franchise development with a view to executing and synergizing brand consistency and creating value within the franchise.

When it comes to acutely identifying the full spectrum of franchise and commercial law issues, our attorneys have the necessary experience.  We work with some of the world’s most creative restaurants, retailers, and distributors to launch and expand their share of the market locally and around the globe.

Our attorneys regularly advise on strategic sourcing and global commercial contracts including sales, agency, distribution, e-commerce, joint ventures, manufacturing, logistics and licensing.

Global Franchising Services in The Bahamas

Our specialisms in this area also includes:

  • Copyright licences          
  • Trade mark licences
  • Patent and know-how licences
  • Franchise agreements
  • Agreement review
  • Franchise Breach of Contract
  • Termination
  • Franchise Merges and Acquisitions
  • Territorial Protection and Franchise Expansion